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Halmoni & COLLEGE
Friday, March 29, 2013 | 9:33 AM | 0 feedback[s]

Assalamualaikum . Selamat pagi semua . /lambai tangan /

Hey hey hey you all . Semua mesti ada halmoni kan ? Tak tahu halmoni tu apa? Halmoni = Grandmother . So dah tahu kan ? Ni lagi satu dilema aku . Gini cerita nya . Alkisah ~

I really want to go to college but I feared no one can take care of my halmoni . So I thought of postponed my studies until January next year .

But then yesterday , my halmoni and I had a huge fight . I was so angry Ie decided to continue my studies and ignore her . THE END .

But this morning I wake up , I realised I maybe been too harsh on her . No matter how irritating she is , she still my halmoni . And I know she did all that because she is lonely . She tried to gained attention.

But still , I have feelings too . My future is important too . I have tried my best for 18 years just so she would noticed me and start treating me like a granddaughter . NOT LIKE A FREAKING MAID .

Well I think that's all . I guess I have to decide this matter on my own . I'm sure Allah will lead me to the right path . Insyallah ~

Alright now . Gotta have breakfast . I'm damn hungry . See ya soon ~



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